Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park surrounds the incredible Rogers Pass.

Whether you’re hiking, skiing or simply driving through, Glacier National Park is a stunning setting for some breathtaking scenery and amazing outdoor adventures. Located on the Trans-Canada Highway between Revelstoke and Golden, the park covers a portion of the Columbia Mountains of South-Eastern British Columbia. The portion of the Trans Canada Highway that runs through Rogers Pass will probably rank as one of the most beautiful mountain passes you will ever traverse.

The park, and Rogers Pass were discovered in 1882 by major AB Rogers, a railway explorer, to find a route for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Since this time, mountaineering has become an integral part of the history of the park, and continues to be a major attraction for backcountry enthusiasts.

Known as the “Canadian Alps”, the area abounds with rugged peaks and over 400 glaciers. During the winter season, Rogers Pass averages 32 feet/10m of snowfall, with extremes up to 70 feet/21m. This legendary snowfall provides visitors with an extended season of one of the finest back country ski touring areas in the world. The area is however one of the world’s most active avalanche areas, and all ski destinations in the park require knowledge of travel in avalanche terrain.

In summer, hikers descend, with the park containing over 150km of hiking trails framed by some spectacular alpine scenery. These range from short level strolls, to ambitious climbs, ensuring visitors of all abilities are able to get to know one of Canada’s distinctive natural regions.

Here at Glacier Park Lodge, all of this is available at our doorstep. So book with us now to discover this amazing national park yourself.


An abundance of year round activities are available, right at our doorstep. So savour the rustic appeal of our Glacier Park Lodge as you explore the wonders of Glacier National Park.
Photography: All year round! Abundant wildlife, brilliantly coloured wild flowers, icy glaciers and vast expanses of wilderness beauty make Glacier National Park a photographer’s paradise.


A step on to one of Glacier National Park’s 150 km of set trails will link you to North America’s birthplace of mountaineering history. Ranging from gentle walks to rigorous climbs follow the foot steps of the original mountaineering guides.

Mountain Climbing
Many of the peaks in Glacier Park such as Mt. Sir Donald, Ross, Eagle and Uto Peaks, are rated as among the most challenging in the world. The park itself was the sight of the first alpine club in North America.

Glacier National Park is home to the world famous Nakimu Caves, first discovered in the late 1800’s and bearing the distinction of being one of Canada’s largest network caves. Guided visits can be organized on demand.

Although you can feel free to cycle any of the roads within the boundaries of Glacier National Park, there are no trails open to cyclists. Cyclists wishing to trail ride will find the Beaver Valley Trail, a scenic 42 km ride.

It is highly recommended that all skiers and hikers be accompanied by a certified member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Local guides can be found in both Revelstoke and Golden. For example


Backcountry skiing _ snowboarding
Strap on a pair of back country skis and link yourself to ski history. Reminiscent of the earliest, most primitive forms of skiing, backcountry ski touring offers ‘freedom’ skiing with no lift, no line-ups, and no waiting.
Blessed with endless powder and an extended ski season, the area is rapidly earning a reputation as one of the world’s most spectacular ski touring destinations. Breathtaking scenery and dry, light powder snow combine with the hospitality of Glacier Park Lodge to attract skiers seeking the challenge of an unrivalled wilderness paradise.

Snowshoeing Snowshoe enthusiasts use the same trails as those used by hikers in the summertime. Balu pass is one of many excellent areas, offering a moderate to difficult climb, some forest glades and a beautiful wide open valley. The Summit will put you on top of the world.

Ice climbing expeditions may be mounted year round and although few really large ice faces exist in the park, there are several glaciers that are readily accessible.

It is highly recommended that all skiers and hikers be accompanied by a certified member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Local guides can be found in both Revelstoke and Golden. For example

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